Stedman Family Photos 1941-1949's


Uncle Jack Aunt Irma, kids Mom and deer hunting 1941

Photos from June,1941

Charlie,Joan Flo June 25,1941

July, 1942 - Joan, Charlie and Flo

Charlie, Joan, Frankie and Flo 1941-1942

Frankie and Charlies 1945

Flo and Charlies First Communion June 13, 1945

Photos from 1946
at Grandpa's Lake Cottage

the whole crew

November 19 1946

Flo School Pic, Dad and Flo Nov, 1946

Charlie Flo and Joan

1948 Reunion at Uncle Leo's House

Whole Stedman family


School Photos September 1948

AUGUST 1949 at Grandpa's Cottage on Owasco Lake, NY

Flo and Charlie and Toto, Uncle Freddies's Beagle

Flo- 1950

Niagara Falls - 1949