In Memory Of


1990- 2007

To My Buster,

We love you
and miss you Buster
More than you will ever
know, our Sweet Buster.
Love always,

Sammy and Meowmie

Left Behind
Grief can twist in like a fierce thunderstorm
Powerless, we are swept away
unable to find
Something to grasp, to calm the fear of being
Left so far behind
Our hearts collapse, discarded
bereft and wilting
In only sad goodbyes
Beating at the door, to steal the gifts
Each moment locked in time
Day after day drifts by, chilled
Without meaning, numb
seered with a raw unknown
Gasping to draw a breath, somehow
A warmth to know
Dear Father, please, with tenderness
Lift us from the crushing sorrow
within the teardrops, left behind
Give us faith, disclose the mystery
To know a love that is divine
Restore the hope, unfold the more
to understand that e'en b
efore we cried,
You bore our fall
You gave Your heart, Your trampled soul
Answered the pounding door, to come in and be our all
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

August, 2013

It's hard to believe my Buster has been gone all these years now. But every summer morning when I go out into the Garden this summer, my memories go back to all the years when Buster was with us to enjoy the outdoors. In memory of his birthday, even though Buster passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, I want to show you all his happy days we spent together in the garden.

We still all miss Buster but think of him everyday and remember all the loving things about Buster. I am happy he is in a better place and no longer sick. We, (Mommie and Sammy) all wish Buster a very happy Birthday and hope he is getting lots of good things to eat and have a lot of fun with his other heavenly kitty friends on this his birthday. We love you, Buster and one day we will all be together to celebrate your birthday as a family again. And remember all the happy days we spent together in the garden.