Love's Remembrance

1990 - 2007

To Buster,

We love you
and miss you Buster
More than you will ever
know, our Sweet Buster.
Love always,

Sammy and Meowmie

When I look to the heavens above,
Somehow I feel you near.
I think of how much I love you,
And to me still so dear.

You were an angel sent to earth
To fill our hearts with love
A Forever Kind of Angel
Sent from heaven above.

We didn't know you'd leave so soon
That God for you would send.
An angel would hold you in His arms,
And heaven with you ascend.

Uncomplaining and courageous,
You smiled through all the tears.
So much faith and understanding,
Proclaimed throughout the years.

I'm thankful for the time we had
For time we'll have again.
Together we will be once more
But only God knows when.

Until I see you once again,
I'll hold you in my heart
The sweet memories of my angel,
From me will never part.

© Southbreeze

August, 2014

Every summer morning when I go out into the Garden this summer, my memories go back to all the other years in the past when my lovely cat Buster was with us to enjoy the out of doors. In memory of his birthday, even though Buster passed on to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007, I want to show you all his happy days, and the time we spent together in the garden.

We still all miss Buster but think of him everyday and remember all the loving things about Buster. I am happy he is in a better place and no longer sick. We, (Mommie and Sammy) all wish Buster a very happy Birthday and hope he is getting lots of good things to eat and have a lot of fun with his other heavenly kitty friends like Lady, Sparky and Simba on this his birthday. We love you, Buster and one day we will all be together to celebrate your birthday as a family again. And remember all the happy days we spent together in the garden.