Here is your Hostess, Lady, dressed as Snow White, to help you in the door!
Lady says to Buster: "Look out for the Flying Pumpkins!!"
Buster says: "I hope everyone remembers to duck when they fly over head!!

Here come our next guests,
they are Rufus and Sara as Red devils all set to join the Party!

Sara Says: "Don't You just Love what they have done with their House!"
Rufus agrees and says: "They musta spent a lot of money decorating!"

Next here come Lady, Buster, Baby Simba in
their Halloween Outfits all dressed up for the Party too!

Buster says: "I hope we are going to eat soon, I'm starving!"
Simba says: "Me too, bring on the food!"
Lady says: "The chef should be done cooking her brew very soon!"

 Our next guests to arrive are Lucy and Ripple
Lucy says: "I hope their cooking is better than what their house looks like!"
Ripple replies: "Yeah, kinda makes you worry about eating anything here!!"



Here come Mysty and Moke, accompanied by Sassy as an elf.
Mysty says to Moke and Sassy: "I am hungry too, hope the food is good!"
Moke replies: "Right now I am so hungry I could eat a bear!"
Sassy says: "Yeah, me too. Bring on the Grub!!!

 Next are: Yin and Ozzy very smartly dressed in their lovely Japanese Kimonos

Yin and Ozzy both say: "What a lovely party! Where's the Food!"


The Witch says: "Here are your snacks, my little kitties"

catnipCatchowFoodcans.gifHalloween Candy

Here is some Catnip, Cat Chow, canned Cat food, & Candy, ...Enjoy!

Catnip mouse mousiecandy corn

And Toy Catnip Mice and some Candy Corn for those really hungy kitties!!!



Have a very Spooky Halloween All You Kitties!!!!

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