Memories of The Heart

Feel no guilt in laughter
For your Angel knows how much you care
Feel no sorrow in a smile
That your Angel isn't here to share.
Talk about the good times
And the ways you showed you cared
The days you spent together
All the happiness you shared.
Let the memories surround you
A word someone may say
Will suddenly recapture
A time, an hour, a day.
That brings your Angel back as clearly
As though your Angel was still here
And fills you with the feelings
That your Angel is always near
For if you keep those memories
You will never be apart
And your Angel will live forever
Locked safe within your heart

Author Unknown


Love's Remembrance

To Lady,

We love you
and miss you Lady
More than you will ever
know, our Sweet Lady.
Love always,

Sammy and Meowmie

June, 2013

Lady lived from 1988 to 2009. It's hard to believe my Lady has been gone all this time. But every June morning when I go out into the Garden this year, my memories go back to years in the past when Lady was still with us to enjoy the outdoors with us all. In fond memory of her birthday, even though Lady has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, I want to show you all the happy days we spent together in the house and sometimes in the garden.

I still all miss Lady but think of her every day and remember all the loving things about Lady. I am happy she is in a better place and no longer sick. We, (Mommie and Sammy) all wish Lady a very happy Birthday and hope she is getting lots of good things to eat and have a lot of fun with her other heavenly kitty friends like Sparky, Buster and Simba on her birthday. We love you, Lady and one day we will all be together to celebrate your birthday as a family again. And remember all the happy days we spent together in the house and in the garden.


LADY 1988 - 2009

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