~ Just Taking It Easy ~


Hi, My name is Sammy - welcome to my page.

Here I am a grown kitty and I am six years old now. I still am pretty much a playful kitty. I get in troubles now and then. I sit in bird feeder and try to catch the birdies. I bite Mom in the ankles to get her attention. The List goes on and on. But, Mom loves me anyhow. I keep her entertained and she loves me very much. Here are some of my latest photos. Enjoy!

Here are some of my recent photos:

Just chilling out!!

Playing with my toys!

Resting in my tower and hanging over the edge!

Spotted something outside!

Checking things out on the kitchen counter

Doing some Bird Hunting

Having a little snooze!!

Sleeping with my pal,"Ruby"

Waiting for Banana Phone to ring!

I am King of the Mountain!

I like to hide in My Fort!

Up in the Bird feeder again Hunting!

Had a nice Spa day today!

Checking out my Birthday Presents.

Sleeping with all my tiny mouses.

Resting in front of window!

All snug as a Bug in a Rug!

Enjoying the flowers of the Lovely Porch!

Enjoying ta few nips of Grass!

Check out my nice whiskers!

Showing off our fabulous Porch Flowers!