Hi, My name is Sammy and I am Simba's new baby brother. My Mommie found me abondoned in the woods nearby. She came out to feed me a couple of days in a row, and when my back was turned eating, she grabbed me. It's a good thing too that she did catch me as I was full of ticks. When Mommie took me to the Vets they discovered I was running a fever. SO I have been on antibiotics and probiotics for 10 days now Unfortunately, I got confined to the bathroom, so I really haven't had a chance to meet Simba face to face yet. He growled at me once, then he ran away a couple of times when he saw me. Now he just ignores the fact that I live in the bathroom. He is curious though, and he acts concerned when he hears me cry.

We had a bad thunderstorm today, and I cried so loud, my Mommie came and held me. Right now I am having a little nap. I am laying on a nice soft pillow in the bathtub. I really like it there. I hope pretty soon that I will be released from "house arrest" and am able to leave the bathroom. I do escape every once in a while. It is funny to see my Mommie running after me to catch me. Well, that is all for now, must catch up on my ZZZZ's. I will publish more in my blog later!

Here are some of my recent photos and one movie: