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  • A Thanksgiving Poem

    These are my wishes for everyone
    in my extended "family"
    That we may always be more than close;
    that nothing will come
    between the bond of love we share.
    That I will always be there for you,
    as you will be for me.
    That we will listen with love.
    That we will share truths
    and cherish times of togetherness.
    That we will make wonderful memories.
    That we will trust and talk things out.
    That we will always understand.
    That wherever you go, you will be in my heart,
    and you will always be in my thoughts.

    L. Atherton


    Our Thanksgiving Prayer
    Lord, we come to you today
    with hearts filled with gratitude
    e ask you to watch over
    and bless our loved ones
    who could not be with us today.

    ccept our prayer of thanks
    today and every day,
    and know that our hearts
    are filled with love for you


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