"the Muppets"


Why Cats are so Great (and better than Men!)

1. Cats don't care how much money you spend, or how high your VISA balance is.

2. Cats aren't afraid to show their emotions, and they never accuse you of being too emotional.

3. Cats don't mind it (too much) when you kiss them.  Cats don't give you whisker burn, and they never borrow your razor, either.

4. Cats always listen to your problems. And they don't tell you how to fix everything.

5. Cats take an interest in your work and they are always there to help you as much as they can, like when you're folding laundry.

6. Cats never hide behind the newspaper. In fact, they prefer to sit on top of it.

7. Cats will bring you gifts without expecting anything in return.

8. Cats can take care of themselves when you go out, and when you're in, they don't need to be constantly entertained And they never switch channels right at the best part.

9. Cats are never late for dinner, and they never have other plans.

10. They don't care if you want to sit home and watch TV all night. Or all weekend, for that matter.

11. Cats don't mind if you lie in the tub with a book for an hour. If they come in to watch, they don't bug you.

12. Cats like to snuggle and cuddle all night long.