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Simba in the Bathroom
Simba in the Bathroom

As you can Guess, Meowmie was NOT real happy with me that day!!!!!

Simba in the Flower Box
Simba In Flowerbox

It was a really nice summer day for sitting in the flower box!!!
--- One of my favorite spots!!!!

Simba & his favorite Mousie
Simba & his Christmas Mousie

Here I am with one of my favorite toys, my toy mousie!
He is really good for my teething problems!!!!!!

Here are some photos of Buster, Lady & me, Simba together

Cats on the Stairs

3 cats on Stairs

Here are the 3 of us on the stairs. I am way down
at the bottom and you may not be able to make me out!!!

Lady & Simba on the Couch

Lady & Simba

Here I am with Lady...You would think that by now we would be friends,
but Lady really doesn't like me very much. (I am still working on becoming
friends with her, though, I haven't given up!!!)

3 cats on the Counch


Here are the 3 of us on the couch.
I am enjoying myself, but I am not too sure about the other kitties!!!

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