Hi, My Name is Sammy


Spring is now upon us
My heart is light and gay
Such beauty in this splendor
In Daffodil's display

Yellow bright and cheerful
The day of warmth divine
Butterflies to dazzle
Fills the heart with rhyme

I bring you Spring with sunshine
In floral petals blessed
The earth so filled with glory
It's here I take my rest

This season new beginning
Of love that springs anew
This very special greeting
Especially for you

Trees are all enchanting
So beautifully they're dressed
Looking so magnificent
Their truly at their best

Glad that I could drop by
Enjoy this purrfect day
With love and peace forever
Soft Daffodil bouquet.

Poem by Francine PucilloŠ






Hi, My name is Sammy - welcome to my page.

Here I am a big kitty and I am five years old now. I still am pretty much a fiesty kitty. I get in troubles now and then. I sit in bird feeder and try to catch the birdies. I bite Mom in the ankles to get her attention. The List goes on and on. But, Mom loves me anyhow. I keep her entertained and she loves me very much. Here are some of my latest photos. Enjoy!

Here are some of my recent photos:

Just chilling out!!

Here I am doing some window sitting!

Hanging over the edge!

Enjoying some porch time on a lovely day!

Eating some grass at the bird feeder

Playing with my toys

Mom likes to dress up my Photos!!

Enjoying the summer sun in July!!!

Here's my favorite sleeping bag - nice and warm!

Busy on the porch hunting for birdies.

I really like this shot of me!.

Me and my flamingo on the porch.

This is on my Birthday w/all my presents.

This is another of my favorite places - under the footstool.

Laying on the couch with Mom.

Laying in the blue blankets!

Out on the Porch on a lovely day w/ the beautiful flowers!

Sitting on the Kitchen counter!