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**WELCOME to Sugar Puff's Home Page!!!!!**

Sugar Puff

This is Sugar Puff's Memorial Page. She was Buster, Lady & Simba's puppy cousin.
Even though she was a puppydog, the kitties thought she was so cute, they decided
to give her, her very own page. Sugar Puff went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2010.
Her Mom and Dad, Joan and Ralph miss her very much, but here are some of her photos when
she was just a little puppy. Thanks for stopping by Sugar Puff's Memorial page.

Here are my stats:
Born 1/21/99 @ 2 1/2 lbs.
white furry Bichon Frise puppy.
Deliverd to Joan and Ralph 4/6/99
and named Sugar Puff. Very adorable!!

This is me ..Mom calls me her Little Baby Doll

Baby Doll Sugar Puff

Here I am playing my favorite game... playing ball

Ball playing

That's me Sugar Puff.. I'm no bigger than Dad's Shoe!

Dad's Shoe


I'm So cute, Dad Loves me sooo much!!!

Dad loves me

Here is a photo of my favorite kitty 
that I live with, Jennie.

Mom combing Sugar Puff's hair

Sugar Puff and Mom

Here I am with my neighbors, Tina and Cassie...
they Love me a Lot, too!

Tina, Cassie & Sugar

naughty puppy

Dad loves to comb and Brush me, too!

Dad brushing Sugar Puff

Dad and I are getting tuckered out,
from all the combing and brushing!!!!

Dad brushing Sugar PUff some more

Sugar is sooo Tired, time for a little nap.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me 
and my Dad and Mom!!!!!

Dad brushing Sugar Puff some more

Tired puppy


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